Current projects

Construction and rental of real estate in the Land of Happiness and Colors.
For your vacations our flat in Toninhas (Ubatuba) can be booked.

Previous projects
offered great art prints from artists all over the world, especially brazil, europe and old masters (closed after 7 great years).
web2print-service to create your own flip-book from your home made videos or stills (closed after 17 years).
sms-service with a lot of self-programmed tools (firefox, dashboard and more) helping me to send replies to the sms of my girlfriend. i think other guys used it in the same way or whatever else… 😉 (closed after 5 years and tons of sms on 1st Oct 2012).
in the beginning just a small page showing pictures of long party-nights of my friends and myself. later a big image-hosting service for all the other party-people out there (closed after 11 great years of fun on 1st Oct 2012).

Home of my mom and aunty.
Showing the passion and daily-work of my mum, my aunt and my beloved brother… 🙂
Further education and off-the-job-training as well as traveling and workshops to/in Ireland.
Gentle movements with a lasting effect

The flower shed castlerock